Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Understanding Area codes

 The United States of America is divided into regions, known as area codes that correspond with telephone dialing areas. Based on population, some states have only one area code, whereas others may have multiple area codes. The need for more telephone numbers increased and led to the need for additional area codes. By adding new area codes, millions of new numbers became available. The increase of numbers provides usage for wireline, wireless, and other technological advanced services. More Info

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

TNAS devices being attacked by Deadbolt

 Recently, we have received reports of some TNAS devices being attacked by Deadbolt Ransomware. Based on the case analysis, we preliminarily concluded that this was an external attack against TNAS devices. To protect your data from Deadbolt, please take action immediately! 

If your NAS works normally, we suggest the following countermeasures:

1. Upgrade your TOS to the latest version;

2. Install good anti-virus software on your computer, TNAS device and router to help you detect and resist malicious threats;

3. Disable port forwarding on your router. After disabling this function, you will not be able to access TNAS through the TNAS device bound to the DDNS external network; 

4. Disable the UPnP function on your TNAS. After disabling, your PC, multimedia box, TV and other devices may not be able to access TNAS through UPnP protocol, please use DLNA, NFS, SMB protocol to access TNAS instead.

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If your NAS has unfortunately been affected by Deadbolt, please do as below:

1. Remove the LAN network cable from your TNAS device immediately;

2. Power off your TNAS; x.86 models: short press the power button; ARM models:long-press the power button 3 seconds;

3. Do not initialize your NAS as this will erase your data;

4. Please contact the online support on our official website or email to directly.

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